Primary School

In our Primary K-5 program, we are passionate about growth: growth in character and growth in learning. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities to nurture and promote academic and social/emotional development. Our instructional staff are committed to creating an environment where students feel a sense of belonging. We believe that learning to appreciate our diversity, our different cultures and our different beliefs provides a foundation for living a successful life in a complex and intercultural world.

We are committed to helping every child to expand their areas of strength and to develop their areas of growth. Every child is different in the way they learn and our differentiated approach to learning and focus on cross-curricular projects including the arts, ensures that all students have access to the learning.

We are proud of what our students accomplish. They work hard at their language skills, they succeed in their learning, they learn to be leaders, they engage in service to others inside and outside of the school, and they share their learning in the community. 

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The VIVA or Virtues in Action program connects various aspects of social and emotional learning across Grades K through 5. Central to the VIVA program are our Core Values: Connection, Curious, Caring and Courageous. A selection of character virtues and learning skills are linked with the Core Values and provide a monthly focus for shared learning. At a mini assembly at the start of each month, the principal introduces the Core Value and Virtue of the Month to both lower and upper primary with a practical application. Bi-weekly VIVA classes, hosted by the school counselor and learning support teacher, build on this learning with an intentional focus on the developmental stages and challenges of each age group and class. The whole of the program is delivered within a framework of Positive Discipline, inviting and empowering students with the strategies they need to become their best selves.

TEDA Global Academy -

Our primary parents are extremely important to our success. We are partners together and as much as possible, we love to have parents participate in the learning and in conversations about learning. We look forward to seeing you frequently!

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