Teaching Requirements

We accept applications from qualified candidates for posted positions.

Minimum Preparation Requirements For Teaching Positions:

  • Fluent level of English language proficiency (spoken and written)
  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant grade level or content area (advanced degree preferred)
  • Professional state or provincial teacher certification in grade level or content area (including supervised student teaching)
  • Two or more years successful professional teaching experience
  • Training and/or experience supporting students using English as an additional language

Due to visa restrictions, we are not able to consider candidates for teaching positions who do not meet these minimum requirements.

TIS Teacher Profile

TIS teachers:

  • Commit to and support our school vision, mission and other guiding statements
  • Incorporate current research-based practices into teaching; adapt and adjust teaching approach and methodologies to integrate current best practices
  • Adapt and adjust instruction to meet students’ varied learning needs and styles
  • Are team-players; they collaborate with colleagues and are willing to share solutions, ideas and resources
  • Take a facilitative, inquiry-oriented approach to teaching and learning; have a “guide on the side” rather than “sage on the stage” perspective
  • Own responsibility for ensuring that all students learn; are unwilling to “let students fail”
  • Support an intercultural, global approach to learning and interaction that embraces diverse cultures, beliefs and perspectives
  • Hold themselves to high ethical standards; model responsible, courteous and respectful behavior and expect the same of their students
  • Possess and convey a positive, optimistic, service-oriented and solution-focused attitude
  • Teach developmentally-appropriate behavioral expectations and implement positive and effective classroom management strategies
  • Commit to child safeguarding and protection; support the UN Rights of the Child
  • Commit to ongoing professional development and a philosophy of lifelong learning; attend relevant courses and events and readily share new learning with colleagues
  • Adhere to documentation requirements and deadlines; complete unit and lesson plans, grading and grade reporting in a timely manner
  • Facilitate and participate in extra-curricular student activities (e.g. field trips, athletics, activities, service) during and outside the regular school day
  • Participate in school growth and development activities (e.g. curriculum review, writing articles for publicity, accreditation committee meetings and report writing, other school- level committees)
  • Love the children as they are!

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