Coding 101: So You Wanna Be A Programmer?

We have a new set of kids who want to learn to become programmers! This school year, we are making programming simple by letting our new “coders” know that it is simply creating a set of instructions to achieve a desired result. At Coding 101, we make them realize that it is similar to following a recipe or giving directions because the word programming can be such a big word for elementary kids and can really be scary.

We use the “drag-and-drop”, “block-based”, and “snap-together” programs as effective ways to introduce programming. So far, the kids have accessed their own code.org accounts. In our upcoming sessions, we will continue to use Code Studio, Code Monkey, and Scratch to start their way into coding! You’ll surely love to see that Eureka! moment every time they solve a puzzle, and were able to move from one challenge to another! -Mr. Ricky.

Posted on: 2020-12-27 12:46:41 by Teda Admin

Chlorophyll Art

The Grade 2 students have been learning about the different parts of plants and how plants change and grow. They learned that plants use chlorophyll to capture light energy to make food. Then they created some artwork using the chlorophyll of leaves they found at school. It was a messy but fun project!

Posted on: 2020-12-27 12:54:40 by Teda Admin

Exploring STEM In Grades 2 And 3

The students in the Grade 2 and Grade 3 STEM/Makerspace Clubs spend one afternoon each week building, experimenting, and practicing their teamwork skills while having a lot of fun! So far this term, they have enjoyed working together to build tall towers, design Lego race cars, construct ramps for marbles, and create “magic milk art” and homemade silly putty. We love science!

Posted on: 2020-12-27 12:55:48 by Teda Admin